Nurturing Giftedness for All

By unleashing the capabilities of every student, regardless of their background, we not only redefine the concept of giftedness but also enhance the educational journey for each individual we support.

Presentation Topics

Gifted 101

The research highlights an imbalance in identifying black and brown students in gifted programs. By changing our perspective and improving identification processes, we can find and support these high-achieving students, benefiting all individuals we serve. "All means all" emphasizes the importance of equal opportunities for every student.

Overexcitabilities 101

Delve into the intricate world of gifted students and their unique manifestations of exceptionalities. Gifted individuals, often misunderstood, showcase their talents and challenges in diverse ways, presenting a tapestry of abilities that can be both positive and complex. This session unveils the emerging trend of students exhibiting dual exceptionalities, where giftedness intersects with conditions like ADHD, autism, and sensory processing disorders.

Peter Parker to Spiderman: Harnessing Overexcitabilities

In a world where sensitivity is a superpower, prepare for the most electrifying session of the year: "Peter Parker to Spiderman: Harnessing Overexcitabilities." Using Dabrowski’s Theory of Overexcitabilities as our Infinity Stones, we aim to unlock the superhero potential within our children and ourselves. Five overexcitabilities, five Infinity Stones – together, they hold the key to unlocking extraordinary potential.

Experience the surge of psychomotor intensity – the spark that ignites the superhero within. Feel the power coursing through your veins as ordinary movements transform into extraordinary feats.

Embark on a journey into the realms of imaginational intensity, the portal to creativity and innovation – the beating heart of our superhero story. Explore uncharted territories where imagination knows no bounds.

Harness the driving force of emotional intensity – emotions as profound as any hero's journey. Discover how emotional depth becomes the cornerstone of our narrative.

Witness intellectual gifts align, paving the way for a future shaped by brilliance. Minds that race, thoughts that soar – our superheroes in the making.

Step into the world of sensual overexcitability – where every sensation becomes a superpower. See, hear, and feel the world in ways others can only dream of.

Join us on this exploration, discovering how to be the Alfred to a Batman, a Pepper Potts to an Ironman. The superhero journey begins here – from Peter Parker to Spiderman: Harnessing Overexcitabilities. Coming soon to a conference session near you. Prepare for an extraordinary adventure.

Underserved Populations

Demographic information and research highlight an imbalance in the identification of black and brown students in gifted and high-achieving environments. Changing the lens through which we view giftedness and examining our identification processes lets us find and identify those high-achieving students who have been lost in the shadows, changing not only their trajectory but that of all those we serve. All means all.

Summer did a great job explaining the difficulties of identifying students who are gifted especially among the minority groups. I loved the Venn Diagram showing kids w/ autism, ADHD & Gifted and how much these areas overlapped each other. This really got me thinking of students that I have had
Unbelievably charismatic and passionate. I immediately reached out to my resource teacher (during class sorry!) to ask all the questions about gifted student's in our building and how that process looks in our small private school setting.

I feel like I'm coming away with a better understanding of giftedness in general. I appreciate your openness, flexibility, and willingness to adjust based on what we wanted to know.

You did a great job showing how and why different cultures may not get identified as gifted. I also love hearing about how students with other exceptionalities can be gifted even when their diagnosis might over shadow them being gifted.

You were very well prepared and were aware of the technology differences of the participants.

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